Z-FET® SiC MOSFETs and Z-Rec® SiC Schottky Diodes

Cree is the world’s leading manufacturer of silicon-carbide Schottky diodes and MOSFETs for efficient power energy conversion. These devices provide increased efficiency, higher switching frequency and reduced system size and weight in a variety of applications.

Line card for Cree Power products —
— Gate Driver Boards —

ProductsNew ProductBlocking Voltage (V)RDS on (mΩ)Current
Rating (A)
(TC < 100°C) 
Package    For New DesignsData Sheet
C3M0065090JNew90065227L D2PAK 
CPM2-1200-0025B 12002560Bare Die 
CPM2-1200-0040B 12004040Bare Die 
CPM2-1200-0080B 12008020Bare Die 
CPM2-1200-0160B 120016011Bare Die 
CPM3-0900-0065BNew9006523Bare Die 
CPMF-1200-S080B 12008030Bare DieNo
CPMF-1200-S160B 120016018Bare DieNo
C2M0025120D 12002560TO-247-3 
C2M0040120D 12004040TO-247-3 
C2M0080120D 12008020TO-247-3 
C2M0160120D 120016011TO-247-3 
C2M0280120D 12002806TO-247-3 
C2M1000170D 170010002.6TO-247-3 
C3M0065090D 9006523TO-247-3 
CMF10120D 120016013TO-247-3No
CMF20120D 12008024TO-247-3No
ProductsNew ProductBlocking Voltage (V)Current Rating (A)TechnologyPackageFor New DesignsData Sheet
CPW2-0600-S006B 6006CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-0600-S008B 6008CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-0600-S010B 60010CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-0650-S006B 6506CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-0650-S008B 6508CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-0650-S010B 65010CPW2Bare Die 
CPW2-1200-S050B 120050CPW2Bare DieNo
CPW3-0600-S002B 6002CPW3Bare Die 
CPW3-0600-S003B 6003CPW3Bare Die 
CPW3-0600-S004B 6004CPW3Bare Die 
CPW3-0650-S004B 6504CPW3Bare Die 
CPW3-1700-S010B 170010CPW3Bare Die 
CPW3-1700-S025B 170025CPW3Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S002B 12002CPW4Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S005B 12005CPW4Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S008B 12008CPW4Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S010B 120010CPW4Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S015B 120015CPW4Bare Die 
CPW4-1200-S020B 120020CPW4Bare Die 
CPW5-0650-Z030B 65030CPW5Bare Die 
CPW5-0650-Z050B 65050CPW5Bare Die 
CPW5-1200-Z050B 120050CPW5Bare Die 
CPW5-1700-Z050B 170050CPW5Bare Die 
CPWR-0600-S001B 6001CPWRBare Die 
C2D05120A 12005C2DTO-220-2No
C2D10120A 120010C2DTO-220-2No
C3D02060A 6002C3DTO-220-2 
C3D03060A 6003C3DTO-220-2 
C3D04060A 6004C3DTO-220-2 
C3D04065A 6504C3DTO-220-2 
C3D06060A 6006C3DTO-220-2 
C3D06065A 6506C3DTO-220-2 
C3D08060A 6008C3DTO-220-2 
C3D08065A 6508C3DTO-220-2 
C3D10060A 60010C3DTO-220-2 
C3D10065A 65010C3DTO-220-2 
C4D02120A 12002C4DTO-220-2 
C4D05120A 12005C4DTO-220-2 
C4D08120A 12008C4DTO-220-2 
C4D10120A 120010C4DTO-220-2 
C4D15120A 120015C4DTO-220-2 
C4D20120A 120020C4DTO-220-2 
CSD01060A 6001CSDTO-220-2 
CVFD20065A 65020Low VFTO-220-2 
C3D02060F 6002C3DTO-220-F2 
C3D03060F 6003C3DTO-220-F2 
C3D04060F 6004C3DTO-220-F2 
C3D06060F 6006C3DTO-220-F2 
C3D06065I 6506C3DTO-220 Isolated 
C3D08065I 6508C3DTO-220 Isolated 
C3D10065I 65010C3DTO-220 Isolated 
C2D10120D 120010 per deviceC2DTO-247-3No
C2D20120D 120020 per deviceC2DTO-247-3No
C3D10170H 170010C3DTO-247-2 
C3D16060D 60016 per deviceC3DTO-247-3 
C3D16065D 65016 per deviceC3DTO-247-3 
C3D20060D 60020 per deviceC3DTO-247-3 
C3D20065D 65020 per deviceC3DTO-247-3 
C3D25170H 170025C3DTO-247-2 
C4D10120D 120010C4DTO-247-3 
C4D20120D 120020 per deviceC4DTO-247-3 
C4D30120D 120030 per deviceC4DTO-247-3 
C4D40120D 120040 per deviceC4DTO-247-3 
C5D50065D 65050C5DTO-247-3 
C2D05120E 12005C2DTO-252-2No
C3D02060E 6002C3DTO-252-2 
C3D02065E 6502C3DTO-252-2 
C3D03060E 6003C3DTO-252-2 
C3D03065E 6503C3DTO-252-2 
C3D04060E 6004C3DTO-252-2 
C3D04065E 6504C3DTO-252-2 
C3D06065E 6506C3DTO-252-2 
C3D08065E 6508C3DTO-252-2 
C3D10065E 65010C3DTO-252-2 
C4D02120E 12002C4DTO-252-2 
C4D05120E 12005C4DTO-252-2 
C4D08120E 12008C4DTO-252-2 
C4D10120E 120010C4DTO-252-2 
CSD01060E 6001CSDTO-252-2 
C3D06060G 6006C3DTO-263-2 
C3D08060G 6008C3DTO-263-2 
C3D10060G 60010C3DTO-263-2 
C3D1P7060Q 6001.7C3DQFN 
ProductsNew ProductBlocking voltageRDS on (mΩ)Current Rating (A)PackageData Sheet
CAS120M12BM2 120013120Module
CAS300M12BM2 12005300Module
CAS300M17BM2 17008225Module
CCS020M12CM2 12008020Module
CCS050M12CM2 12002550Module